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Our Mission

The Idaho Rural Partnership (IRP) joins diverse public and private resources in innovative collaborations to strengthen communities and improve life in rural Idaho.


In August 2007, the Idaho Rural Partnership (IRP) Board of Directors established the following issues and activities as priorities for IRP action:

  • Assess the conditions of rural Idaho.
  • Advise the Governor and the Legislature on public policy and strategies to improve the quality of life in rural Idaho.
  • Act as a clearinghouse of information and as a referral center on rural programs and policies.
  • Conduct research to rural communities and facilitate communication between rural residents and public and private organizations that provide services to rural communities.
  • Identify organizations, authorities, and resources to address various aspects of rural development.
  • Serve as a nonpartisan forum for identifying and understanding rural issues from all perspectives.
  • Develop better intergovernmental and private/public coordination and to seek out opportunities for new partnerships to achieve rural development goals within the existing structure.
  • Foster coordinated approaches to rural development that support local initiatives, not to usurp the individual missions of any of its member organizations or duplicate effort.
  • Seek solutions to unnecessary impediments to rural development, first within Idaho and then through the National Rural Development Partnership.
  • Work cooperatively with the National Rural Development Partnership and other state rural development councils.

To guide IRP activities the Board has established a number of standing committees and will use working groups as the need arises.