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Idaho Rural Business Development Council

The Mission….

The Idaho Rural Partnership joins diverse public and private resources in innovative collaborations to strengthen communities and improve life in rural Idaho.

The Idaho Rural Partnership (IRP) is equipped with unique abilities through federal statute.

Duties (7 U.S.C. 2008m):

  • Facilitate collaboration
  • Monitor, report and comment on policies and programs
  • Reduce or eliminate conflicting or duplicative administrative or regulatory requirements

The Challenge:

Small Business and industry seek efficiency in every aspect of operation. The tools include Total Quality Management, applied leadership, lean manufacturing, etc.

Conflict and over-reaching regulation can be significant barriers to efficiency. Legislation, litigation or collaboration are the options to overcome such obstructions. Litigation by design is costly and time-consuming. Legislative action is not designed for quick delivery. Both have unpredictable outcomes.

The Idaho Rural Business Development Council focuses on the benefits of collaboration. Partners have direct input into the process of supporting rural Idaho by working with the diverse membership of Idaho Rural Partnership.

Be Part of the Solution:

Join a diverse, strong group of business leaders with a significant voice for rural Idaho.

The Idaho Rural Business Development Council (IRBDC) consists of public utility providers, financial institutions, agriculture commodity groups and any rural-focused business seeking to grow markets. The group’s mission is to stimulate strong markets for rural businesses and reduce regulatory and administrative impediments. The council has access to a powerful new tool to achieve this mission. The IRBDC has a permanent voting position on the Idaho Rural Partnership Board of Directors, tapping into the state and national rural development process.

The nature of partnership means those participating invest in the process. Contributions can be made through one of three ways:

  • In-kind
  • Directly to Idaho Rural Partnership
  • To the Fund for Rural Idaho

The yearly investment represents your organization’s belief in the partnership approach.

Collaborative partnerships may well be the form of governance for the 21st century. Through the IRBDC, you can use consensus-building as a way to find solutions. In partnership you are on a neutral playing field. You address challenges using the most cost-effective means to reach long-term success: partnership and collaboration.

Join the Idaho Rural Business Development Council:

Call (208) 332-1730

Who's on the Idaho Rural Partnership Board of Directors?
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